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Simple Stereo Upgrade

Simple Stereo Upgrade

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     It all has begun long time ago, when Chuck Steinman of DataQue created this set of plans for building stereo sound by installing a second Pokey chip inside the best 8-bit computer ever. Once installed, the second channel has all its addresses 16 bytes set higher in the memory ($D210 - $D21F). Since then, dozens of sounds and demos that support this upgrade have been published. Most of these programs were made in Poland, but a few sound-demos were also made in other countries. The most popular programs (in my opinion, of course) playing msx in stereo are Yooomp! and Numen.


Main features :

  • GTIA sound mixing on both channnels
  • Dual Mono/STEREO switch
  • Stereo Indicator Led
  • high quality PCB
  • ROHS, PB Free



  • A fully tested and assembled STEREO BOARD
  • 2 golden plated RCA outputs
  • 1 lever switch
  • 1 precision socket



  • POKEY CHIP NOT Included 
  • ULTIMATE UPGRADE owners/users shall consider buying USWITCH in order to set stereo ON/OFF in Utimate Bios Setup
  • Installation needs some soldering skills







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