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1. Can I order without registration ?

No, sorry. Due to EU regulations and safety reasons, orders and payments must be registered.  Plese, read REGULATIONS -  "Registration in the online shop Lotharek`s Lair"  chapter. Customer`s account is strcictly binded to  mail address as database unique record. It means You shall not have two accounts with the same mail addresses.  Please, remeber : Lotharek cannot / will not / change customer`s data; Only customer can do it.


2. I have not received mail with registration confirmation

Probably activation mail was marked as spam.  If You cannot find it, please mail me to and supply  alternative email address (other that used in registration) and Your username. I will edit it and re-send activation mail. Recently, I observe that hotmail and xxx.RU mails are problematic.


3. Forgotten password

Passwords are not stored by Lotharek`s Lair database. I will not help You to recover it.  Please, use button FORGOTTEN PASSWORD at LOG IN page. RECOVERY message will be sent to registered mail address, after poper data input in query from.


2: What are accepted payment methods ?


  • PAYPAL final payments are made in POLISH ZLOTY as default shop`s currency. Please, keep in mind, conversion rates are based on actual and official rates of National Bank of Poland and may vary from PayPal`s
  • Bank money transfers are available for EURO, GBP and PLN only - USD transfers are not yet available
  • Bank transfer are subject of 3,5% of discount of global value of order
  • Cost of bank transfer is a subject of the following rules:
    • BEN, SHA, OUR are codes in a SWIFT instruction
    • The OUR instruction means you pay all transfer charges. We receive all your payment
    • SHA (shared) means you only pay your bank`s outgoing transfer charge. We receive your payment minus the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges - order will not be sent untill ful payment; 
    • BEN (beneficiary) means you do not pay any charge. We receive your payment minus all transfer charges -  order will not be sent untill ful payment; 
    • We require all international transfers to us to be made with the OUR instruction. The only exception is EU-payments in EUR which can be made with SHA instruction.


3:When will my order be sent ?

  • Orders are dispatched 2-3 times a week - almost every second work day in the morning (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Orders received after this time will be sent the next postage day;
  • I do not ship orders at weekends or on bank holidays;
  • Orders are sent ALWAYS COMPLETE - if You decide to make preorder and Your basket also contains other items already available, postage will be made day PREORDERED ITEM IS AVAILABLE.


4. How will my order be sent? How much costs postage ? How long will that take ?

Postage cost is summary of number and weight of items. Shop summarizes weight of items and their quantity at checkout and during ordering. At checkout, available postal options will be shown:

  • GLOBAL EXPRESS (where available) - up to 2kg. Tracked, insured. 8-15 workdays
  • POLISH MAIL PARCEL (where available)  up to 20kg (Poczta Polska) - Very reasonable, tracking numbers works, takes some time, but it is safe and insured. 8-40 work days  
  • UPS - most expensive, most reliable. 100% sure. Delivery takes 3-7 workdays worldwide
  • EMS – another international courier service - in some situations cheaper than UPS, also very reliable.  Delivery takes 3-15 workdays worldwide; only limation is weight - up to 1kg
  • Most of deliveries will require a signature on delivery
  • Orders are posted to DELIVERY ADDRESS  ONLY, given at registration



  • for all countries outside Europe Union, delivery time may be affected by customs clearance.
  • Your parcel will not be visible in destination country tracking system until  customs procedure is not finished
  • Customs clerance is not a subject of estimated delivery time 
  • tracking shall work within 48hours after reception of this mail
  • IF you receive damaged parcel, DO NOT ACCEPT THAT.  Your signature means,You have accepted parcel in good shape. Please, contact me ASAP.


5: What does it mean PREORDERING ?

PREORDERING means, that I`m already in phase of late tests of new device. It is not available at the moment of preordering. All tests, pcb mods or circuit improvement take time, a lot of time and money. I`m very glad for trust from customers that make preorders - they do get better prices anyway. Final price will be always 10-15% higher. State of development of particular device may always be checked at item`s subpage. Preordered items are not subject of order cancellation.


6. Non standart items or modifications.

All products are SOLD as they are. I do not take any special requirments orders. In my offer are only devices listed at my shop. No more, no less.


7. Please, send me for free your product, i will describe it at my blog/www/social media etc..

      Thank you for your email, in which you wrote that you would like a free sample of my product for showing it in social media. Your message shows that you have a lot of self-confidence but little self-respect. If I start sending free products, who will pay for their production? Who will pay PCB manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies, assembly factories, energy providers, etc.? Maybe I should tell them to appear on your Instagram/FB/Blog in exchange for their hard work?
       I suggest you stop sending such offers, anywhere. You should invest in my product and, if it happens to meet your expectations and you provide it some media exposure, I may offer you a co-operation deal in the future, a better deal, a discount, who knows? Right now, my answer is simple: no, thanks.
8. I have sent You email and You didn`t respond
There may be many reasons, i didn`t reply. I run whole lotharek`s Lair on my own. There is no other person here. I try to do my best to answer but day`s time is limited.  Please, remember - i`m the human being only. If Your mail`s atiitude is bad, I will not anwer. If Your mail`s is rude - as above. The same, if you ask about sth clearly stated in item`s descirption or here in FAQ. 
  • Please, read item`s decirption 
  • Choose wisely contact form`s subject between business info and technical support
  • Do not ask me when device in development will be ready - will not answer
  • Please, do not waste your and my precious time - tthose mails are marked as spam
  • I get hundreds of mails daily - do not get offended if my answer will be short or delayed- i use technical language which is not poematic and have plenty of work for customers around the world.
  • Last: You get from me  doubled what i got from You... Being nice and starting mail with simple Hello looks very good.. Being offensive for sure will not help us

Let me work and supply best of me. This is my hobby I devoted 20 years of my life and I`m not representnig billion dollar company. I`m just retro fan as You are.  

9. Can I add to my order xxxxx item, can You combine shipping and refund postage of one order; etc ?
I want to keep my booking process as simply as possible. One order means one payment; One payment means one invoice; one invoice means one postage / one parcel. I do not want to spend half of day with paperwork - i just do not have time for that.  If You ask for refund and parcel is not marked as SENT i will refund, so You can order again. 
10. I made a mistake with my order ID XXX - is it possible to change it to PayPal?  If not I would ask you to cancel this order and I will place a new one with PayPal payment.
Please, log in and go to YOUR ACCOUNT SETTINGS. You can do it without my help :-) ... as long as order is not sent, You can cancel it, repeat or even track just there.
11. Where is my parcel ? i have no postage info ? Please update if you ship our delivery ? 
in the first place after registration at Lotharek`s Lair customer receives activation mail. This mail is sent intentionally to verify You get informations / mails from my online system - payment received, postage sent. Please, check Your spam box or.. log in and under Your account check status of Your order. 
12. NEWSLETTER  - activation.
Newsletter is service for registered users only.  Please, log into your account and under maintenace tab please sign up. Activation mail will be sent to Your registered mail address. Accpeptance of GDPR is necessary. 
13. I tried to register in your website but I guess that something went wrong because I cannot log in. I always get a message saying that my account is not activated. I tried the password reset process but nothing changed.
       After registartion at my www, mail is sent to supplied email address with activation link: PLEASE USE IT BEFORE FIRST LOG IN. This is only way, I`m sure You receive mails from me. It is very important for our communication, as mails are sent to customer at every stage of order`s realisation: payment  received, order sent, order cancelled, etc. 
14. Hi, i just received XXX device – SUPER, works fine, ATR and others files – all OK. But – i am not able to use it for SAVE/LOAD basic programs. I downloaded from web empty ATR image file, inserted it to „D2“ (in „D1“ I have nothing, because i need normal starting atari with DOS).
Sorry, i cannot help except poiting Your interest into right direction. I do not teach/train  people to use their old computers, dos commands, shell extensions language or basic usage. I will support you ONLY in the matter of device usage from hardware point of view.