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P-COVOX is a very simple device, 4channel, discrete component digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that fits under PIA chip. It isn’t as Hi-Fi as modern sound cards, but it`s perceptiom may be a lot better than a POKEY  - especially playing MODs or NEO files


Main features :

  • easy fitting - one wire in most cases
  • high quality PCB
  • transparent for Atari OS / Hardware / Ultimate / etc. 
  • Equal audio output level on both channels
  • ROHS, PB Free
  • all elements top side (revised version)
  • all resistors 1% (revised version)
  • improved sound quality (revised version)
  • noice ratio reduced to almost zero 🙂 (revised version)



  • A fully tested and assembled P_COVOX



Disclaimer: If you are not familiar with soldering or you do not have proper tools, please LET a pro technician do it for you or send me your ATARI BOARD for installation. Upgrade installation cost is 10€ only. Contact me to arrange installation. Otherwise, please remeber - wrong tools usage or low skills may damage atari and ultimate; any damage/harm to your hardware is NOT subject of any kind of warranty.


If Your PIA chip is NOT socketed:

  • desolder PIA CHIP
  • solder precise socket into its place (supplied)
  • insert P_COVOX
  • Insert back PIA chip to P_COVOX


If Your PIA chip is socketed:

  • remove PIA CHIP
  • insert P_COVOX
  • Insert back PIA CHIP to P_COVOX


Connections to be made with small wire:


  • CTRL - select one pin pin only  to set covox`s  address page:
    • if you solder CTRL signal to pin 9 of LS138 on Atari board, covox will be present at $D600
    • if you solder CTRL signal to pin 10 of LS138 on Atari board, covox will be present at $D600
    • if you solder CTRL signal to pin 7 of LS138 on Atari board, covox will be present at $D700



O2 signal problems - please, have a look at bottom of PCB:

  • on majority of  ATARIs PIA`s O2 signal may be used; thus default position of bootom jumper is  CPU O2 pin 39
  • O2 signal additional wire needed






connecting covox audio with stereo out is not a good idea. Covox loudness may be reduced. Thus, LM358 amplifier replacement - U-MIXER is being made to mix 2 pokeys, 2 covox audio to stereo out, mono out and modulator audio



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