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Ultimate Upgrade fitting XL/XE

Ultimate Upgrade fitting XL/XE

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Weight: 2 kg

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service:  atari upgrade with ULTIMATE expansion for ATARI 800XL/65XE/130XE/600XL (64KB)


  • approx time 30mins
  • Ulitmate not included






  • If You want to have Your ultimate1mb upgraded to last firmware, please show your gratitude donating to FJC: and send me paypal transaction confirmation.
  • Orginal rom / mmu/ shileds are returned upon clear request. otherwise - trash
  • ORDERS MADE before any mail arrangments are immedietally refunded. Also, I do not TAKE ANY SERVICE ORDERS before receiving subject of service 
  • Refunds are subjects of PAYPAL / PAYU / BANK TRANSFER fees beiing not RETURNED !