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RAPIDUS for XE Computers

RAPIDUS for XE Computers

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Internal accelarator for 8bit ATARI XE series. 


  • internal CPU turbo card for Atari XE,
  • WDC 65C816 microprocessor operating at 20 MHz!!!
  • managed by Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA and XC95XL CPLD devices,
  • 1024kb of zero waitstate SRAM,
  • up to 30.5MB of storage ram - SDRAM clocked at 160 MHz!!!
  • 512kB of Flash memory (256kB is reserved for FPGa cores, 256kB for OS and New Device handler)
  • 256b of EEPROM,
  • high speed bus connector for external I/O interfaces, DMA support,
  • working modes, fully software controlled  - on screen bios menu, accesible by pressing INV ( and hold) + RESET
  • low power consumption due to DC/DC converters, no extra power supply required
  • simple installation: put Rapidus board in place of old 6502C and just solder 3 wires, or use an Adaptus board - this depends on the model of your computer. In this case you don’t have to solder any wires.
  • compatible with Ultimate 1MB




  • RAPIDUS board
  • 3pin molex connector



  • in XE You will need extra 4-5 precision dip sockets to buid the socket tower to lift RAPIDUS pcb over cart SLOT. NOT SUPPLIED by me 






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  • on some ataris below patch has to be applied 


  •  O2 signal pull down - in case, when Your rapidus have problems with core loading (progress bar stops), please, make another patch: solder 3kOhm resistor between 74LS08 pin 1 (o2) and pin 7 (Gnd)