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Fully automatic SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation ( BOLD - changes comparing to Hydra1)

  • 8 scart inputs ( RGB, s-video, composite) - easily expandable to 16 or 24 inputs with HYDRA HEADS device
  • 2 scart ouput -  now, You can connect Your 2 ouput devices !!
  • "Knight rider" style active scart detection
  • full ROHS
  • expandable with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs scart functionality
  • AVR controller with firmware future updates
  • HQ plexi transparent ( made by me ;-) at my laser machine)
  • STEREO RCA audio output 
  • IR controlled
  • manual/automatic mode
  • MICRO USB power supply (regular mobile phone charger 5V will do the job - please, use sth decent - approx 1A)
  • Dedicted remote sold separately - soon; thus You can always use any NEC/ENEC compatible one You may already have - Please, check FAQ tab above


SINCE 10.09.2019 - Revised version

    • You can still use REGULAR MICRO USB MOBILE CHARGER (preffered) or  power supply: 
      • 2.1 / 5.1 barrel jack
      • 8V-12V AC/DC
      • DC polarity independant
      • 9V suggested ( REMEMBER - more voltage You supply, more heat hydra will produce)
    • TTL SYNC can be switch on on both outputs the same time, even if one receiver is 75ohm capable only




Do not use garbage power supply – any decent micro usb mobile charger will do the work.. and please be careful with USB SOCKET 😉



How doees it work ?

      Imagine, You have many retro system in use. Amiga, Atari ST, ZX spectrum, etc... And You have only one classical TV/Monitor with one SCART INPUT. Each time, You want to switch system, You have to connect Your machine to Your monitor. Everytime, You do it - You damage scart socket inside. Those days are over. Connect up to 24 computers/consoles to HYDRA, then connect HYDRA to Your TV/Monitor and power on hydra. Since now, HYDRA will detect active scart input and forward all signals to Your monitor. Simple and efficent.


Please, remember:


NEVER connect / disconnect SCART PLUGS 

when HYDRA is ON

especially when CONSOLE/SYSTEM is ON !



You may ask why..

           Designing device, I put much effort  into ability to  passthrough many types of signals: from composite to component. To protect device and not to cut signal`s range, HYDRAs have additional ESD protection diodes, but for a short period of time when scanning for active scart, Hydra is defenseless. If You got hit that moment plugging powered on device, You will damage RGB chip with ESD voltage that may reach thousands of  volts (not dangerous for you, but electronics is fragile..). This chip may become very hot and protection will probably brick hydra till one of chips is replaced (NCS2564). Cost of repair is 10Euro !!!


Possible symptoms:

  • knight rider effect stops
  • one scart port doesn`t work
  • Interferences between ports
  • HD led doesn`t work anymore





  • No tricky electronics inside as NOT NEEDED. Hydra has built in all necessary features
  • Hydra accepts following sync signals at pin 20 of scart:
    • composite video 
    • luma
    • composite sync  ( please, read FAQ tab above)




  • left - scan for active source to the left from active one (if active is far left, no action) /  next scart in manual mode
  • right - scan for active source to the right from active one (if active is far right, no action) / previous scart in manual mode
  • middle - HD/LOW PASS filter (led on/off) - default ON
  • left+right pressed - disables "knight rider led effect"
  • middle + right - Automatic/manual mode
  • CS1 / CS2 - TTL / 75Ohm switch sync ( do not use on 75Ohm receivers !)






Soon - more info about remote codes learnig


Hydra2  8port scart switcher, may be “easily” expanded with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs scart functionality.

How does it work ?

       After establishing connection with flat cables between HYDRA (master unit) and HYDRA HEADS (slave unit), user  forces HYDRA to work with HEADS expansion and 8 additional scart inputs it offers.  BOTTOM SWITCH MUST BE SET IN 16P mode.


How about connecting another Hydra Heads to already connected one ?

Additional Hydra Heads unit may be added to previously  installed one to achieve 24 inputs. BOTTOM SWITCH MUST BE SET IN 24P mode.





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FIRMWARE UPDATE PROCEDURE: Step by step (in progress...)

  • download last firmware 
  • obtain USBASP programmer (example)
  • download software for programmer (example)
  • connect usbasp (or any avr programmer) to KANDA connector of HYDRA 



if You have female connector at Your ISP6 adapter, dual angled 6 pin header will be needed.



  • run Your AVR programming software / select ATMEGA48 chip



  • load *.HEX file ( OPEN --> Hydra2_XXXXXXX.HEX)
  • flash it by WRITE ALL button/ ignore messages of wrong chip





  • audio muting in manual mode in some cases
  • locking on device is more persistent and solid
  • few minor bug fixes 



Q.What happens if i have two active sources the same time ?

Nothing, First applied input is a master signal. You can switch to next one by pressing buttons ( previous/next) or switching  first computer off


Q. ...all my consoles with cables from RETROGAMINCABLES , most of them with sync on luma. Will I need to mod all my cables like the ps1 one in order for them to work with the hydra? 

There are 4 types of signals, that can be fed to pin 20 of scart sokcet as SYNC:

All  cables recently sold by RGC shall be compatible with scart standart, but  If Your cables are: 

  • TTL CSYNC (not atenuated with 470 ohm resistor and/or  with "elctronic chip" inside)  
  • built in past

probably You will need to add 470 ohm resistor before pin 20 of scart ( to get proper csync level).   Please, contact cable supplier for further details. 

Composite video or luma as sync cables shall work without any modifications.


Q: Hydra1 was making  "click sounds" when scanning. Does Hydra2 the same ?

A: No, HYDRA2 mutes outputs during scan, but.... If your device connected introduces some noice, "pop" may be heard. Simple experiment: deatach all inputs cables and connect only output one... 


Q: Hydra2  after few seconds of showing image from my source system, keeps on scanning?

  • please, try with another power supply first
  • Does Your source work in manual mode ? YES - follow below. NO - mod the cable
  • SIMPLE 1 wire mod o HYDRA2:
    • locate R33 and move it to upper pad - PICTURE
    • connect R33 PICTURE  with EL1883IS - PICTURE
    • with this mod, we have increased detection hysterisis (please, let me know if helps )



Q. I want to send component through the whydra2 as well and I wonder if that is possible?

480p component works well through the W-Hydra2 with proper adapter ( - Thaks Jonas to  for deep tests and report !!


480p (reported as 525p 50Hz on ossc) works
480p (reported as 525p 60Hz on ossc) works
720p (reported as 750p 50Hz on ossc) works
720p (reported as 750p 60Hz on ossc) works
1080i (reported as 1125i 50Hz on ossc) works
1080i (reported as 1125i 60Hz on ossc) works
1080p (reported as 1125p 50Hz on ossc) works
1080p (reported as 1125p 60Hz on ossc) works




Q: How to use my remote control with HYDRA ?

A: First, Your HYDRA must learn codes of Your remote.  PRESS AND HOLD middle button during POWER ON to enter learning procedure. Hydra will be flashing wih leds accordignly, expecting proper button being pressed to assign codes sent by remote for followng actions (below manula from MINI HYDRA, but ruless are the same..)



















LEDS  TOGGLE BUTTON (leds on / off)





MONO/STEREO (when mono input applied, both audio out channels will equal)