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Z80Adapter Dual JOY expansion

Z80Adapter  Dual JOY expansion

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      Orginal ZX Spectrum 128+2 uses SINCLAIR joytsick, incompatible with AMIGA / C64/ ATARI standart. Also, original the 'left' Sinclair joystick maps the joystick directions and the fire button to the 1 (left), 2 (right), 3 (down), 4 (up) and 5 (fire) keys on the ZX Spectrum keyboard, and can thus be read via port 0xf7fe; Right one uses  6,7,8,9,0 respectively.  For any of the joystick interfaces which map to keys, any game offering the appropriate form of joystick control can instead be played with the listed keys. Others ZX spectrum do not have any joystick ports at all...


My interface is based on CPLD but initial idea from VELESOFT. Expansion works in two modes (selecatble josytick activity in port 1). Untill ZX spectrum is on, CPLD stores configuration of interface. Device is designed for all zx spectrums with Z80 cpu in DIP40 package.


  • MODE1 - orginal ZX 128 mode 
    • joy1 - sinclair 1 (keys: 1-left, 2-right, 3-up, 4-down, 5-fire)
    • joy2 - sinclair 2 (keys: 6-left, 7-right, 8-up, 9-down, 0-fire)
  • MODE2 - new mode ( during power on zx spectrum, press and hold fire button at joy port1 for approx 1s)
    • joy1 - kempston compatible
    • joy2 - sinclair 2 (keys: 6-left, 7-right, 8-up, 9-down, 0-fire)


and the most important: YOU CAN USE AMIGA/ATARI/C64 compatible joysticks ! no tricky rewirings needed anymore.



Step by step:

  • remove CPU from socket or desolder it
  • insert  adapter  /or solder it, if cpu was not socketed
  • insert back cpu to adapter
  • connect JOY_ADAPTER (sold separately for diffrrent models) to Z80 adapter



Inside box:

  • Z80 adapter expansion 


Please, check related products tab for desired joy_adapter - soon :-)




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