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 My name is Przemyslaw Krawczyk, but commonly I`m known to people of Polish Atari Scene as "lotharek". My mission is to deliver high quality devices in good prices. Devices, that follow modern enviroment standarts (ROHS, Weee,  Gios) and satisfy customer needs.  My devices are made at automatic assembly lines by PP ELEKTRONIX, parts are 90% supplied by MICROS , ABS casings are made by Maszczyk, metal ones by SESMIL. All my devices before postage are tested and checked personally by me, then securely packed. 


        Frequently  I use EBAY.CO.UK ( look at my feedback left by customers)  to sell my stuff. Why UK ?? Simple, I have spent there two years of my live, improving my language skills and aqquring some western approach to life ;-)


      Time has passed,  upgrades have been developed and improved... Since 2008 I cooperate with Jeff - creator of SD and USB Floppy emulators, since 2012 with Till Haubarn - MIST developer, also new cooperation with Candle`o`Sin have been recently introduced, that hopefully will bring to life some new ideas in  ATARI enviroment


So, If you have interesting idea/project, do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to commercialize Your project worldwide.




2017-03-02 11:48 Sio2sd starter set available

New product:  Complete set for ATARI 8 bit users available HERE


2017-02-22 13:13 New products
2017-02-17 12:27 HYDRA HEADS in preorder

 Preorder starts now. Deliveries - End of march. More details here:


Dear Customers,


due to mistke at production line, some HYDRAS may encounter sound quality problems. Of course, all customer willing to have their  hydras repaired, may proceed on their own ( few elements need replacement) or send their device to me for repair. Contact me for more details





2016-12-21 19:51 CHRISTMASS RUSH and postage problems

 Dear all,


I receive many mails with information of delayed parcels. Please, keep in mind that post offices/UPS are now overloaded by 1000% with incoming parcels/postcards in some cases (especially USA, SWEDEN, Germany, Czech...). I cannot help in any matter now, as contacting any of them is now almost impossible. Please, await with patience Your parcel incoming. 

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