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       My name is Przemyslaw Krawczyk, but commonly I`m known to people of Polish Atari Scene as "lotharek".  I`m rather busy man - till late afternoon I run tank trailers repair workshop - BURG ZABRZE in position of Service Manager.  Late afternoon activity is completly different matter. After long day in BURG, only way to relax for me are :


- soldering/upgrading and repairs of 8/16 bit computers

- shooting my beloved compound bow Martin Slayer

- riding a bike across the world ( Mainly Poland but WORLD sounds better ;-) )





          My mission is to deliver high quality devices in good prices. Devices, that follow modern enviroment standarts (ROHS, Weee,  Gios) and satisfy customer needs.  My devices are made at automatic assembly lines by CONVEL , parts are 90% supplied by MICROS , ABS casings are made by Maszczyk, metal ones by SESMIL. All my devices before postage are tested and checked personally by me, then securely packed. 


        Frequently  I use EBAY.CO.UK ( look at my feedback left by customers)  to sell my stuff. Why UK ?? Simple, I have spent there two years of my live, improving my language skills and aqquring some western approach to life ;-)


      Time has passed,  upgrades have been developed and improved... Since 2008 I cooperate with Jeff - creator of SD and USB Floppy emulators, also new cooperation with Candle`o`Sin have been recently introduced, that hopefully will bring to life some new ideas in  ATARI enviroment


So, If you have interesting idea/project, do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to commercialize Your project worldwide.








2014-04-17 16:14 MIST Revised with MIDI ADD-ON

preordering starts today. Deliveries - End of May. More You may read here

2014-04-11 22:45 DIVIDE 2k14 is ready


Almost ready :-) soon preordering.

2014-04-10 17:07 USB Floppy Emulator CASED is available




HXC USB Floppy Emualator in high quality case is available

Please, have a look here for more details


2014-03-09 13:10 Forever 2014 is coming !

2014-03-05 12:10 ATARI XL/XE core for mist :-)

More than WORDS !



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