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MEDUSA Retro SCANDOUBLER (available after 2022-05-23)


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  • 30.03.2022 - All electronics SMD parts gathered / bought; still missing some mechanical connectors
    • dvi-i  sockets on the way
    • power switches on teh way
    • tht crystals only received 50 pieces; rest on the way
  • 01.04.2022  - preorder starts
  • 03.04.2022 - Official WWW launched
  • 04.04.2022 - first pre-production units bottom side assembled




  • 06.04.2022  - casing prototyping based on step model; audio out stereo jack added to Medusa; (LATE NIGHT UPDATE: CASE ALREADY CHANGED... LCD WILL BO ON TOP)


  • 07.04.2022  - case corrected and improved.. much better now :-)



  • 15.04.2022 - top side DONE :-) - PREPRODUCTION RUN SUCCEFULL.


  • 05.05.2022 - PCBS on the way; TRACKING ; All is here... oleds, electronic componenents
  • 08.05.2022 - final casing measurments and corrections.
  • 09.05.2022 - component signal input added in last firmware
  • 10.05.2022 - Production .....first ready units





  • 16.05.2022 - SMT done. Now THT, testing, casing..



     Medusa is coming; after many experiments with framemeister, OSSC and others, we decided to make quantum leap ahead all competition and make sth MUCH BETTER :-).. and to be honest - WE DID IT !


     Medusa project was started 6-7  years ago, when 2 people - old retro stuff geeks have met - Acidmaker (creator of Sio2sd and proffesional file system used at Harvard, Columbia university and many others) and me. Since very beginning Acidmaker was into gettting perfect picture from ATARI ST / ATARI 8bit / Amiga. Meanwhile, me (lotharek), as opposite side, was into simple usage, ergonomy and user friendly interface. After 5 long years of develomennt, many protototypes, hours of discussions/testing,  thousands of euros spent (obviously...)  we are very happy to announce, that final project is coming and it is about to be released in preorder for retro community soon. 


      What we are about to offer:

  • device,  that converts picture from retro systems to modern displays, that utilise dvi output     (with small/cheap adatper also HDMI)
  • device, made at my automatic lines, that represents highest standarts of smd/THT assembly
  • device in metal case with nice oled lcd 
  • OSD !!!  both on small lcd and displayd picture
  • addidtional completly NEW approach to picture seetings (usb connection PC-MEDUSA) via terminal banging.
  • easiest worlwide firmware flashing (just connect medusa to PC/MAC via usb)
  • Medusa accepts almost all SIGNALS that retro computers can produce:
    • composite ( yellow chinch, via scart)
    • Svideo (via scart)
    • RGB ( via scart)
    • RGBHS ( via vga connector, separat syncs)
  • 2 functional jack 3.5 mm stereo - working as insput and output
  • DVI-I output port working in many modes: along with  adapters: DVI_I  it supplies vga and digital picture, thus old  crt monitors as well as modern TVs may be used 
  • hundreds of slots for customers display sets
  • at the momnet of relase, MEDUSA will detect and properly will display following systems in all available formats:
    • AMIGA
    • ATARI ST
    • ATARI 8bit
    • ZX SPECTRUM 128 (rgb, composite)
    • ......



  • we are counting on You! please support us - we want You to test all devices /consoles You have. Let us now what vide modes shall be added to firmware. We are sorry, we cannot add all available systems to device at the moemnt of sale. But HEY - we will add it to next firmware release, thus preorder price is much lower that final. 


Power supply:

  • micro usb mobile phone charger (5V, 500 mA minimum)



  • compoiste video ( via scart)
  • S-VIDEO (via scart)
  • RGB (via scart)
  • RGB via VGA input ( separate syncs)
  • component  (  via scart and vga)



  • DVI-I (digital and analog output via adapters )
  • Audio out



Some history - 5 years at one picture :-))










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meanwhile please refer to offcial www:



meanwhile please refer to offcial www: