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  Dream came truth!  MIST is HERE !   I`m proud to announce that this wonder baby of Till and Lotharek is availabale. So, lets have an answer to the question, WHY MIST? First of all, it is a MUST for everyone who loves Amiga and ATARI ST (soon others). The idea was simple - "let`s introduce device, that will take minimal space at desk, wil be max. ergonomical and user friendly, and much more powerfull than it`s ancesstors with highest compatibility possible". Sounds easy?  Yep, but it was tough time for Till and...for me too. Anyway, WE DID IT !!


What is the MIST board?  ( Till`s WIKI  - Before You ask questions, please read below)





All necessary files (most recent firmware/cores) You will here:




MIST is now supporting many machines:


  • ST/STE (alos on SCART 15KHz)
  • Amiga 500/600/1200 ( AGA CORE BETA core)
  • C64 (partially - still developed)
  • Atari 8bit ( 96%)
  • Collecovision
  • ZX81
  • Atari 2600
  • ZX Spectrum with AY, aslo with DIVMMC and ESXDOS
  • Apple
  • MSX

Requirements:  ( For potential compatibility issues see the peripherals wiki page)

  • USB keyboard
  • micro USB phone charger for power supply (everyone has it home already))
  • SD card (1GB recommended)
  • VGA display
  • USB mouse
  • set of PC speakers





          First you have to prepare the SD card. ( i suggest sandisk cards available HERE - format it with FAT32). Place the following files in the root directory of a standard FAT32 formatted SD card. You can choose to do a Atari ST or Amiga setup. It's recommanded to do the initial test with the Atari ST setup since all the required files are available for download below. The Amiga setup requires copies of copyrighted files.


 Atari ST


  • The Atari ST FPGA core - HERE You will find latest version
  • A (Emu-)TOS rom image (tos.img)
  • system.fnt can optionally be placed on the SD card and will then be used for initial boot messages (otherwise the same font as for the OSD is being used). You may also replace the EmuTOS image with a real TOS image. Any language of version TOS 1.00, TOS 1.02, TOS 1.04 or TOS 2.06 should work. Please be aware that copyright still applies to these.




  • The Minimig FPGA core - HERE You will find latest version
  • A kickstart ROM image named kick.rom (Kickstart 1.2, 1.3 and 3.1 have been tested). Please be aware that copyright still applies to these.



Once the board works there are many things to explore:


  • Connect a USB keyboard and press F12 (or the menu key) to explore the on screen display (OSD)
  • Press the "NumLock" key to cycle through mouse and joystick emulation (use the cursor keys for this)
  • Connect a USB mouse
  • Connect speakers
  • Add floppy disk images (.st format for the Atari ST and .adf files for the Amiga) to the SD card and select them via the OSD
  • Visit the MIST section in the Atari Forum, or
  • visit the MIST thread in the Minimig Forum



The board didn`t boot? Please read about Troubleshooting

More technical info ( Please, read this first)






 Inside BOX:


- MIST device in metal HQ case





 Important Note:


Device has been tested with a lot of different models of SD Cards, and should works properly with all SD Cards present on the market. Unfortunately there are lots of fake/bad flash medias (SD Cards/CF Cards/USB keys...) on the market

So we recommend you to care about the SD Card selection and also choose a good provider.To ensure you the best experience with our products and avoid issues with fake/bad SD Cards we have decided to offer you a selection of tested and certified working SD Cards.You can found this SD Cards selection there : HERE

















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