VBXE 2.1 for ATARI XE/XEGS series

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 TEMPORALLY UNAVAILABLE  till  10.07.2016 approx 






VBXE project was started in 2005 by Tomasz Piórek (Electron/TQA), and first public announcement was made in March of 2006.  Since that time, VBXE project has been improved by Candle`o`Sin - Video DAC has been changed, microcontroller responsible for FPGA core management functions was swapped from PIC to ATMega48.  Recently, new live was pumped into project - another VideoDac change, few minor changes. Newest version - 2.1 - is 100% compatible with it`s ancestors, is made on automatic assembly lines and it is 100% ROHS and environment friendly.


Device info:


  • RGB output providing crisp clear picture using LCD TV or RGB monitor
  • up to 1024 colors on screen from 21 bit palette
  • graphics resolution up to 640x480i (640x240p) in 64 colours, 320x240p in 1024 colours, and 160x240p in 1024
  • true 80 char mode for text display
  • blitter with 7 modes of operations capable of zooming displayed data, transparency, collision detection and many other features
  • full downward compatible with GTIA chip
  • and many, many more




  • white colour VBXE board
  • adapter for XE /XEGS







 fitting device inside atari need some soldering SKILLS. I`m not responsible for any damage made to ATARI / VBXE when using improper tools or soldering technics.

















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