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        Ultimate is one of the best ATARI 8bit internal upgrades ever invented by my great Friend, Sebastian Bartkowicz aka Candle`o`Sin (www). Upgrade`s instalation  takes me approx 5 minuts and even rookie can handle this home - without finding professional technician and extra costs (*1) ! It`s easy, it`s simple, it`is FUN ! Also, in present version some fixes were applied to initial release. Now it`s 100% "safe and sound". 


        Of course, what would piece of wires without software support ? Dear All, it is about time to visit AtariAge / AtariArea forums :-), isn`t ?



(*1) : if You are not familiar with soldering or You do not have proper tools, Please LET the prof technician do it for You or send me ATARI BOARD for installation. Drop me mail - cost of installation is 15E only and takes me really 30 minutes. Contact me using contact form to arrange installation. Please, keep in mind I may refuse to install ULTIMATE if Your ATARI is not working properly or some mods are noticed.





• almost solderless as possible (only RW, PHI2, HALT and RESET lines need soldering)
• fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320kbytes for its purposes
• Real Time Clock  module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM
• fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots
• hardware WRITE PROTECT for whole Flash array
• configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k RAMBO, 578k COMPY SHOP, 1088k RAMBO)
• customizable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)
• System select/Memory exp mode select from integrated BI






Inside BOX :


  • high quality Ultimate BOARD ( ready to use, always newest firmware, flashed)
  • HARTING MMU ADAPTER <--> 20 IDC Female cable







  • desolder  MMU (20 pins) and  OS ROM (28 pins)  or remove them from their sockets if socketed
  • solder into atari board sockets if there is any (not included)
  • insert adapters into sockets ( RED STRIPE on cable indicates PIN 1 of removed chip)
  • Make proper connection of ULTIMATE with CPU  -   PICTURE 1,  PICTURE 2
  • Make proper connections with ribbon cables
  • Fix ULTIMATE PCB inside atari



READY !  You can power on atari, enter setup ( HELP + RESET) and adjust all You want ! 


NOTE: 600XL must be upgraded to 64kb prior to Ultimate installation




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